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White elephantine bullets.

Smokey and I attended a Christmas pot luck and white elephant exchange last week. This is an annual event for my book group. Last year I fought to get and retain a cute small platter shaped and painted like a … Continue reading

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Holiday letter, first draft.

Dear friends and family, We find it difficult to get into the traditional festive mood this year, given the outcome of the election. Kathy wrote a first draft of a Christmas letter, but it was far too bitter and full … Continue reading

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Sunday random.

The Ten Wealthiest Musicians: 1. Andrew Lloyd Weber $1.2B 2. Paul McCartney $800M 3. Bono $600M 4. Bing Crosby $550M 5. Sean “Diddy” Combs $550M 6. Mariah Carey $500M 7. Jay-Z $475M 8. Dolly Parton $450M 9. Jimmy Buffet $400M … Continue reading

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My usual random Sunday.

Let’s do bullet points, shall we? I made a holiday playlist. I have another entire TranSiberian Railroad album, but in reformatting hard drives and moving computers over the years it has been lost. Need to rerip it. Percy the pit bull … Continue reading

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Christmas links.

Santa’s reindeer as you have never seen them. Charlie the Venus flytrap wishes you a merry Christmas. Ways to make the world a better place. A little something for Star Wars fans. What a great way to remember happy dinners. … Continue reading

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Ten Six on Tuesday, the enjoyable holiday edition.

Ten Six Things I Truly Enjoy About the Holiday Season. The music. Yeah, I know, it is ubiquitous and can get annoying, but where I live there are no shopping malls and [almost] no big box stores that blast it 24/7, … Continue reading

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Christmas: done and dusted.

photo credit: Lynn Friedman via photopin cc We had a lovely couple of days. On Christmas Eve day Smokey had a doctor's appointment at the VA clinic 40 miles away, and Elder Son went along. Smoke's doc there is youngish … Continue reading

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Christmas links!

photo credit: john curley via photopin cc This dog puts up with a lot. So does this lizard. The ugly truth about Santa. Christmas drinking game. Doing good with your charity giving. Things your cat wants for Christmas. How to … Continue reading

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Bittersweet Christmas memories.

Warning: this is a bummer kind of post. If you don't want to get teary on Christmas Eve, please feel free to skip it. I just realized that it was exactly thirty-two years ago today that we got the phone … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the Christmas to-do list edition.

Ten Things On My To Do Before Christmas List. Make cheese ball. Defrost ham for Christmas Day. Wrap presents. Buy ingredients for enchiladas for Christmas Eve. Done yesterday. Put Christmas tablecloth on dining room table. Bake pumpkin  pie(s). Pick up … Continue reading

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