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Unraveled Wednesday, 6/3/2020.

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday. Knitting. This is a scarf I finished last week, still not blocked. Both yarns are Blue Moon Fiber Arts; the variegated sparkly one is the second half of the skein I used in … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday.

(I had an entire post done for this day, and WordPress deleted it. Arghhh…) (Attempting to recreate it as best as I can remember it, but the links may be gone forever.) Joining with Kat for Unraveled Wednesday. Last Thursday … Continue reading

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Welcome me back to the land of the living.

Yes, that is an overstatement. But it is how I feel after 4-1/2 days in bed coughing up a lung — no mean accomplishment, given that it was a dry cough — and peeing my pants every.damned.time. It is the … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday, 11/13/19 (I’m back!)

Knitting. My Unraveled posts have been on a too-long hiatus because reasons, not because I haven’t been knitting. Reason 1. I became dissatisfied with the colors of my Boxy. It is being knitted from all the different fingering weight red … Continue reading

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Photography Phriday.

Bookstore window, Stillwater MN; August 2019.

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A quickie about white fragility.

K sent me a link to the original, 2011 journal article. The reading is a bit heavy going given that it is an academic journal article. I just requested the 169-page book from 2018 from the library. Happily, I will … Continue reading

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Racism, overt and subtle, in the fiber community.

Yes, today is two-post day. Sometimes I just cannot STFU. There has been an ongoing conversation for the past few weeks on social media — I followed it on Instagram — about the racism in, or more specifically, the non-welcoming … Continue reading

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Unraveled, 1/30/2019.

No report on my knitting this week, but not because there wasn’t any. Rather, it is because I finished my Carbeth! And I am not taking it off! I did the last bit of seaming on Sunday night during Madame … Continue reading

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Unraveled, 1/9/19.

I finished the child’s sweater for the warm clothing drive. It was intended to be a stashbuster, and it kinda was. I played yarn chicken with the navy blue and won. Then I played yarn chicken with the dark gray … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday, 12/26/18.

I showed you this sweater last week and said that it would be done by the time you read that post. The best-laid plans, etc. I played yarn chicken with that last blue stripe and won. Had only a couple … Continue reading

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