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It’s Saturday. Let’s go for a bike ride. Or go skiing,

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Thanksgiving with the fam.

Younger Son is coming to spend the holy turkey day with us. Given the speed at which his avatar is moving on Google Maps, he appears to be traveling the 80 miles to get here… on his bike. Which he … Continue reading

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A boy young man and his bike.

No links post this Saturday. Nor next Saturday, probably. I leave tomorrow for my East Coast adventure, driving QGD1 to Boston for college and visiting knitblogger friends on the way home. Younger Son’s original plan was to have me drop … Continue reading

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The eclipse of 2017: one Kat’s™ experience.

I left home on Saturday afternoon for my eclipse adventure. First stop: Minneapolis, where I would spend the night and leave for southern Illinois on Sunday morning with Younger Son. I’m pretty sure this was totality. There were, of course, … Continue reading

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How it was done back in the day.

This is the bike crossing at Nine Mile Creek in the southern suburbs of Minneapolis. Spanning the creek are two ropes which run through eyelets on either side of the raft, thus keeping it in its *lane*. There is also … Continue reading

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Random on a Thursday.

This is what Google looks like on your birthday: * * * * * On my birthday: I did a good deed. ‘Nuf said. We went out to dinner. The restaurant* we went to was near the theatre where we saw the … Continue reading

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A somewhat comforting afterthought.

photo credit: NCinDC via photo pin cc It occurred to me today as I was thinking about yesterday's accident, that — as horrible as it was for the bicyclist that got hit — it was better than if the victim had been a pedestrian. … Continue reading

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It happened right in front of me.

I left work about 6pm Friday night. A few blocks from the office (Sixth and Portland, if you are familiar with Minneapolis), I was waiting in the right turn lane at a stop light to make a right turn when … Continue reading

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Nice ride*.

Who's that comin' down the street? It's Alex… and Lisa The Head Model! Alex is going to Aveda Institute. Lisa is the model she uses to practice massage. She had to return Lisa to school today. * Nice Ride are … Continue reading

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I came across this article today. Given that Younger Son  could have been killed last Friday night when he was [sort-of] T-boned on his bike, the timing seemed apropos. How Not To Kill A Cyclist. Update on YS's condition: he was … Continue reading

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