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Anti-rants, aka Good News, 9/6/22.

Yesterday was the mother of all earworms. (I come to you with) Open Arms / Journey. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now / Jefferson Starship. We Built This City / Jefferson Starship. Cover California canals with solar panels — win, win! … Continue reading

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Anti-rants, aka Good News Tuesday, 8/30/22. Also, update.

Fighting invasive species, one plant at a time. Need to focus in a noisy environment/calm down/relax/sleep? Here are sounds to help. Life continues here. The wretchedly hot weather left about a week ago, but the humidity lingers. Right now it … Continue reading

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Anti-rants, 8/16/22.

Sea turtles make a comeback!

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Anti-rant Tuesday, 8/2/22.

Flowers are magical! So are commercial cannabis growers! cv * * * * * * * * * * * The month of July has flown past — the first two weeks I was madly trying to finish some quarterly/monthly/semi-annual … Continue reading

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Ant-rant Tuesday, 7/26/22.

Today’s earworm: Greenback Boogie, theme from Suits. “…an opera singer and other musicians in training were able to live rent-free in a retirement community on the arrangement that they perform concerts for the residents every so often.”

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Anti-rant day.

I got several nice comments for Anti-rant Tuesday last week. The commenters felt it lifted their spirits. So I shall repeat that experiment whenever I have enough uplifting bits to fill a post. Snark is fun, but constant snarking brings … Continue reading

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Anti-rant Tuesday, 7/12/22.

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Anti-rants on a Sunday, 5/29/22.

We all need a little good news this week.

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