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Throwback Thursday.

YouTube’s greatest hits, as determined by me us.

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This used to be a knitting blog.

Hmmm. A lot of “hope to” and “plan to” in those captions. I hope I can actually accomplish it all…

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IG. Non-political.

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Instagram Sunday: the animal edition.


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Independence Day!

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Time for my annual fireworks-save-the-animals post.

                 Some tips and more pix from No time (or $$$) to get a thundershirt? Try this. From an email from our congressman: It would have been nice if he had mentioned … Continue reading

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More on peepers

When we first heard them on Thursday night, they were so loud it hurt my ears.

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Kitteh tales on a Thursday.

Kitteh tales in bullet form: About a month ago Smokey gave me a bouquet of tulips. I put them in a vase and set it on my desk. Fast forward: the cats decided that tulip leaves, stems, and blossoms were … Continue reading

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Five in five, 1/30/2018

My friend Jocelyn is doing this in an effort to get herself writing again. Her rules are that she must write about five things for five minutes; then she allows herself to edit for five more. It sounded like fun, so … Continue reading

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