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Anti-rants, aka Good News Tuesday, 8/30/22. Also, update.

Fighting invasive species, one plant at a time. Need to focus in a noisy environment/calm down/relax/sleep? Here are sounds to help. Life continues here. The wretchedly hot weather left about a week ago, but the humidity lingers. Right now it … Continue reading

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They’re here!

Elder Son and wife arrived here Wednesday night, almost a week earlier than expected. We are glad to have them for more days than originally planned, but not about why. They left New Mexico on June 26 for their road … Continue reading

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It’s Holy Week, aka deer hunting season, in Wisconsin.

Not being a hunter myself (much to my father’s dismay when he tried to take me rabbit hunting when I was about 11), I have no particular fondness for gun deer hunting. Bow hunting? At least in that season the … Continue reading

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Joyous Sunday on a Tuesday!

From here (click on the link to see the rest of the photos if you want): We got married today. This was a very small wedding because of the pandemic. Besides me and Amanda, there was just our officiant and … Continue reading

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A few links.

Bubble wrap art. The good mom in all of us. A way to prevent, or at least minimize, wasted vaccines*. * Elder Son was telling us on our last phone call how the staff at the Zuni medical center are … Continue reading

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Three on Thursday.

I have not done a ToT post in a l-o-n-g time, but right now I need to tell y’all some things, and a ToT format seemed appropriate. Thing the one. Smokey and I have both had our first covid shot. … Continue reading

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ES COVID-19 update.

“Covid day 5. I think I turned the corner yesterday. I’m not as tired, and my nose is less stuffy. Now I feel like I’m getting over a cold. I didn’t need to take a nap today.” (No updates for … Continue reading

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Elder Son’s COVID progress.

He posts a daily update on Facebook and is doing well so far. Thank you all for your good wishes! ::big sigh of relief:: 12/8/20: I’ve got COVID-19. I got a 100.4-degree fever and had to leave work early, and … Continue reading

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It’s been 36 years (and one day)…

…since he was born. Happy birthday, Andrew (ES)! The early years: High school: College in New York City; he went back a week early for the fall 2004 semester so he could protest at the Republican National Convention. That’s him … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday, 6/3/2020.

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday. Knitting. This is a scarf I finished last week, still not blocked. Both yarns are Blue Moon Fiber Arts; the variegated sparkly one is the second half of the skein I used in … Continue reading

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