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Happy heart day from all the animals!

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Nice ride*.

Who's that comin' down the street? It's Alex… and Lisa The Head Model! Alex is going to Aveda Institute. Lisa is the model she uses to practice massage. She had to return Lisa to school today. * Nice Ride are … Continue reading

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Sometimes ya just gotta bite the bullet.

I picked up the Herringbone Cowl again. Close scrutiny of it revealed several things that displeased me. (Scissors are included as a pointer, also as something with hard edges for my camera to focus on.) First, there was this. Believe … Continue reading

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Kill Bill arrives!

I finished knitting Alex's Kill Bill scarf. (If you are reading this, Alex — here it is!) Yarn: Sweet Georgia Tough Love sock yarn, "Kill Bill" colorway (no longer availablePattern: Cinnamon GraceNeedles: Signature US#3 circ The pattern was well-written, the … Continue reading

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I made another thing.

  Yarn: Knit Picks Sugar Bunny (worsted weight, 80/20 merino/angora), ~1-1/2 balls.Pattern: Slip Slip Cloche, from Boutique Knits.Needles: US#5 I started this hat in November, but because I had so many things on the needles it didn't get finished until nearly … Continue reading

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I made another thing(s).

Yarn: Knit Picks Andean Silk (worsted weight, 55/22/23 alpaca/silk/merino; discontinued), color Allspice.Pattern: Vancouver Fog. Needles: US#7. That is Alex's lovely hand above. I made these for her from the same yarn I used for her hat and cowl last winter. Great … Continue reading

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Today is Alexandra’s birthday.

I will leave it up to you to decide which is Alex and which is Matthew.   Happy birthday, Alex (whoever you are)!

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Did I ever show you this?

After searching the blog it seems to me that I never showed you photos of Alex's lace shawl after it was blocked. How I could have forgotten to do this is a mystery, since this is a project of which … Continue reading

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Friday fun.

Just like Kym, I got a fund new pair of shoes. (Note the hand-knit socks peeking out.) . Alex and Matthew came to visit last Sunday. Percy The Enthusiastic came along, and I showed Alex how to sew on a button. … Continue reading

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Random musings.

I am a charter member of the apostrophe police, and I currently trying to find out who I need to arrest for this egregious overuse of the little curvy devils.  * * * * * This year's birthday was quite … Continue reading

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