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Sunday, Sunday.

My routine is to go to bed sometime between 8:00 and 10:00, then read or peruse Instagram on my iPad until midnight or so. Since I have been reading the All Souls trilogy, very little of that time has been … Continue reading

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Many things on Thursday.

I have realized that updating my coronavirus spreadsheet every day is an unconscious effort to maintain control over the situation in some small way. I continue to have the same low-level depression that pretty much everyone has this year; in … Continue reading

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I started an analysis of my knitting future a while back. This is the kind of thing math geeks do for fun. Download stash from Ravelry into an Excel s/s. Total up the “yards remaining” column. (140,000, more or less) … Continue reading

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If this is April, I am doing our taxes. And taking iPhone photos.

Yes, like many of you, I am doing our taxes. This is the first time in years I haven't had to extend them because I was way too busy in March and April to do them. Retirement is sweet. Beverage … Continue reading

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Drive-by bullet post.

April 15 was over a week ago. Whew. I skipped the annual 4/15 party and drove straight back to my bed in WI. Pretty much did not get out of said bed until Sunday. Late Sunday. Saturday was the first … Continue reading

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It’s Tax Day!

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What is this holiday of which you speak?

Welcome to my Easter! No rest for the wicked tax accountants. Too hard to see the screens against the light of the window: * * * * * Earlier today the dogs told me another dog was running around outside. … Continue reading

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Back to the salt mines. And a concert.

As of this week I find myself back at work at the accounting factory. I was supposed to start Monday, but we got hit with a blizzard on Sunday with winter storm warnings and travel advisories all the way until … Continue reading

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A few words on tax policy.

Note: This is a post I wrote in April, 2011. I had been away from tax work for two years and found that things had changed in the interim. Tax policy may not be everyone's favorite topic. I'd rather talk … Continue reading

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Words to live by.

 …especially when dealing with hedge fund K-1s. Here is my printout of the sign hanging by my desk (in a place where it is not immediately obvious to everyone walking by — never a good idea to broadcast one's ignorance … Continue reading

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