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Furry Friday, 11/11/22.

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Election day! (And, we hope, Good News Tuesday!)

This is the sweetest news I have read in rather a long time. Thank you, Honda!

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For your amusement.

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It’s Saturday. Let’s go for a bike ride. Or go skiing,

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Furry Friday, 11/4/22.

Clumsy Malamute puppies. “…jays only delay gratification when it’s warranted..”

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Ranty pants, 11/3/22.

“What Mehmet Oz means when he says abortion should be between “a woman, her doctor, and local political leaders.”

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Good news Tuesday, aka vote next Tuesday. 11/1/22.

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Tips for next year. 40 best Halloween decorations.

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Furry Friday, 10/28/22.

Sheep to make your day brighter. And now, my favorite… Thanks, gayle, for these!

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Unraveled Wednesday, 10/26/22.

Joining Kat and friends. Go see what the others are up to. Knitting. Reading. ss Missing, Presumed / Susie Steiner. Police procedural set in Cambridgeshire, England. Protagonist is DS Manon Bradshaw, thirty-nine, single, and not happy about it. A young … Continue reading

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