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It’s Wednesday. Do you know where your face mask is?

Photos of voting in Wisconsin during the pandemic. Watch Al Franken draw the United States. I want New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to be our president. NPR has been making book recommendations since 2003. The toilet paper shortage explained. … Continue reading

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Coronavirus day something-or-other.

What day is it today? I just shot down a conspiracy theory that claimed that 5G networks produced the coronavirus. Someone posted a 30-minute video on my Facebook Messenger feed that *proved* it was true. (I am not going to … Continue reading

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Music to comfort the soul.

Instagram gets into the act, too. (That is four separate links, btw.) Lots more. “Nashville has a deep talent pool when it comes to singers.” Mason-Dixon Knitting started me on this quest for music, Thank you, Ann and Kay!

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Garter stitch for tough times.

Mending magic. Our heroes knit. The boyfriend sweater curse.

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So it’s not really Easter today? (Or yesterday?)

Sorry about that Happy Easter post yesterday. Clearly, I did not look closely enough at the calendar when I scheduled it. Elder Son called on Saturday. No big changes there. Fifty-five confirmed cases and four deaths in his county, which … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

Peeps FTW! Clearly, I did not adequately consult the calendar when I scheduled this post. Oops, my bad…

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This, that, and the other. And a contest.

We went out on Thursday to run errands. We went to… The bank to make a deposit The co-op for bread flour. The post office for stamps and to mail a very belated Christmas present. The library to return books … Continue reading

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Friday funnies. And music.

      Re-creating great works of art at home. Samuel L. Jackson: “Stay the f*** at home!” Let’s remember which companies acted responsibly and humanely during this pandemic and which ones did not. Happily, it appears that more companies … Continue reading

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Three on Thursday: let’s play some games.

We are all going a little stir-crazy about now. How about some (hopefully) amusing games? Game 1. A friend posted on Facebook asking people to tell five things about themselves that (probably) were not true of any other of his … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday.

This is very long, but what else do you have to do? I found it fascinating. Joining Kat and friends for an Unraveled Wednesday. Sheesh, I haven’t done one of those posts since January 8! Let’s see if I can … Continue reading

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