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Unraveled Wednesday, 11/13/19 (I’m back!)

Knitting. My Unraveled posts have been on a too-long hiatus because reasons, not because I haven’t been knitting. Reason 1. I became dissatisfied with the colors of my Boxy. It is being knitted from all the different fingering weight red … Continue reading

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It’s time for the holding-a-warm-something knitting photo.

Llama vs alpaca. I hate doing embroidery, but this makes me want to do it. Hatmakers! This will come in handy! Fabulous footstools. More crafty furniture. Awww! Four little words to make me yours. Gimmiepigs. I second this. Oopsies! Crafty … Continue reading

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Linkies three.

Build a Swedish torch. Buy from small local businesses. Corgi on a treadmill carousel. Books to read before you die. Tailgaters. “The bare bones of all civilizations are fried dough and sharp things.” Midwest Gothic. Bread warmer… for cats. Beware … Continue reading

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Best Halloween cake ever! Halloween sushi. Cheap but effective costume for glasses wearers. Dancing! Mitochondria celebrate Halloween, too.  

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Links come in many colors.

As the friend who sent this to me said, “What would a Trump supporter be doing in a library?”  

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Recent best of IG

  Also, you should know that 45 years ago yesterday these two young whippersnappers tied the knot. Later this month we will continue our anniversary tradition of spending a few days in a cabin on the North Shore. (Why, no, … Continue reading

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Timing the links.

“Somedays, all you will accomplish is converting oxygen to carbon dioxide, and there’s a plant somewhere nearby that appreciates your efforts.” Pity the medical person who has to ask this question. Does Finland exist? Discuss. Volcano toast. Bread art. Nature … Continue reading

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Golden for warmth.

Calling all knitters! Sheep from space! via knitty mailblog Intentional choice. Keep out the demons!

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Fotography Friday.


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“If you’re cold, put on a sweater. That’s what they’re for.” –Brenda Dayne

Foot coverings.  

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