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Fotography Friday, 5/24/19.

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Unraveled Wednesday, 5/22/2019.

My Fairfield sweater has been in time out for a month as I pondered all your suggestions of how to make it smaller without ripping and reknitting. More on that another week. But never fear, I have still been knitting … Continue reading

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Scenes of New Delhi.

Found another post in my draft folder. Why not publish it ?

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Swirling links.

Embroidery art. Random lace. Handmade but not with love. No second sock syndrome here. Yarn heist. Screw you, nihilism. Penelope. Pattern request.

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Spring in Wisconsin.

We had rain, snow, and 37˚ earlier today right now. I felt something on my neck. Every spring I treat you to a view of the first wood tick of the season, typically provided to me by one of the dogs. … Continue reading

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Swingin’ links.

Use that corporate spyware to your advantage. Sweet story. It is haunted. Or cursed. Your choice, really. Jellyfish in space. They reversed climate change. Karl, the deaf therapy dog. Shout-out to Carlos. “…similar skill sets and wildly different philosophies.” Couple … Continue reading

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Back to fotography Friday.

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Throwback Thursday: story in pictures.

…and they all lived happily ever after. (The couple celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary last November.)  

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Weekend fun in excruciating detail.

(Found this in my drafts folder. I hate to waste a blog post, so here it is…five months later.) Well, that was an eventful weekend. It all started Saturday morning when I woke up. Percy the pit bull, who likes … Continue reading

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Striped links.

Welcome to my reality. Freshly peeled sheeps. Keepin’ it weird. Big soft squish. Incredibly large emotional support sweater. We need a collective noun here. Knitting in codes. via   Green = hover text.

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