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Many on a Thursday.

Still hide his grades… — Fomax1 (@fomax112) July 7, 2020

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Unraveled Wednesday, 7/8/20.

Linking up with Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday. Knitting. While I was taking the photo above, the hummingbirds were busy on our feeders. Even the loons got into the act. Turn up the sound and enjoy! x Reading. x … Continue reading

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x And the coronavirus pandemic and associated quarantine go on…    

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More rants.

This is teacher @BlibriJane and part of her Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes exercise we all need her. — Adil Ray OBE (@adilray) June 6, 2020 indoctrination (noun) 1. the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set … Continue reading

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Political ads have taken over my Instagram.

Funnily enough, they are all for Democrats…

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It’s Saturday. Time for another data dump.

Stop calling it white privilege.

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Furry Friday.

Raccoon story. The perks of being a UPS driver. View this post on Instagram Doggo just needs some snuggos, and has great insights on life and how we all do a relax in these times. Doggo: @goldengirl_xena A post shared … Continue reading

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Anthem for these days.

I woke up this morning singing this song.

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It’s Thursday. Time for a data dump.

It’s slightly worrisome that, in order for us to survive as a species, spouses and daughters or sons must scour Etsy for Venom-themed masks so that their 52-year-old packaging-engineer husbands and fathers can feel gender-secure when they pop out to … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday, 7/1/2020.

Joining Kat and friends to talk about knitting and books. Knitting. The beginnings of another BSJ to cement the pattern in my head. Once again I am unraveling as much as I am knitting. But please enjoy my computer wallpaper! … Continue reading

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