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Yarny ol’ links.

It’s art, buddy! Granny ripple stitch afghan. Not knitting, but important. Word.

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Welcome to Caturday (links).

Cat humor. Cat fight. The famous pat-a-cat-cake video. Golfing… with a cat. Halal kitteh. “Finally, a worthy opponent!” A black volcanic eruption.

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Fotography Friday, 7/12/19.

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Knitting in summer links.

Knitting quotes. Ravelry rocks! Time to go shopping, y’all! I almost want to make one of these. Almost. I may have shown you these mittens before, but they are worth a second viewing. Got some blue yarn? Go knit a hat … Continue reading

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Summertime links.

Okay, who wants to read some Caucasian Scriptures? 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 Beach glass. More Brandon Farris. A preview of everyone’s 80th decade. Ruh-roh. A succinct critique of male leftists. You had me at … Continue reading

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Poor kitteh. A two-fer Friday.

This is kinda how our newest kitty, Jonesy, looked sometime after midnight last Friday. She made the mistake of walking on the big lump under the bedclothes… which happened to be Percy the pit bull. We know he doesn’t like … Continue reading

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Fotography Friday, 7/5/19.

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Welcome back to fibery links!

Ooh, entrelac! He’ at it again! Evil. Louise the cat is the inspiration for their logo. Oh, those Finns. via

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Want some links? I have some right here.

Tailorbird. More bird stuff. And a little more. Opossum stuff. Anybody else catch this egregious error in Call the Midwife? BS detection education. Time travel. Want more links? Go visit Chris and Chaos.

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Fotography Friday, 6/28/19.

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