Fiber Monday, 4/24/23.

Gardening with wool.

A woman in my knitting group raises sheep and spins and dyes their wool to sell. One other thing she makes are dryer balls from the fleece. And she hates making them because she thinks they are dumb, but at 3 for $10 they are a guaranteed moneymaker when she sells them at fiber festivals and the Minnesota State Fair. If you are not planning to go the Fair, you can get them at Amazon, too. I made myself a bunch from wool yarn a few years ago. They do nothing to eliminate static, but they help small loads tumble and dry faster.

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4 Responses to Fiber Monday, 4/24/23.

  1. Kathleen Walsh says:

    We have a dozen or so dryer balls that we use in our dryer.

  2. gayle says:

    I hadn’t thought of wool as compostable. Thanks for the very interesting article!

  3. handeyecrafts8306 says:

    The little sheep, though.

  4. That is an adorable little sheep! I’ve been using dryer balls lately, since I wanted to stop using dryer sheets. While the dryer balls don’t stop static, I’ve found that (for me at least) they help me to not over-dry my clothes, and *that* helps stop static.

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