Sunday stuff.

I got my car back from the body shop. Remember how it was impaled by the deck railing that was demolished by the deck railing? That damage — new windshield, hood, fender, and possibly some other stuff — cost over $11k to fix. Yikes, thank goodness for insurance; I just had to pay the deductible.

On Friday I figured out some things about the car that had baffled me, like how to adjust the temperature on the heater/air conditioning. I also discovered that the car can give the current weather conditions of wherever it is, plus a five-day forecast. None of the things I figured out are in the driver’s manual, go figger.

State Farm has lost money on us over the past few years. There was the freezeout of the Minneapolis house: $100k. A second freezeout: (I don’t know what the total claim was, but it was significantly less than the first). A freezeout of this house: (ditto). Repairing the Hyundai Tucson: $11k.

And then there is how much we have cost Medica and, more recently, Medicare. Smokey: 2012 back surgery and subsequent rehospitalization: $240k. Me: 2012-2013 hip replacement, $40k. Smokey: 2014, attempted knee replacement, revival, ambulance to U of M hospital in Minneapolis, place four cardiac stents. Smokey: two knee replacements, $40k each. Smokey: hip surgery to smooth off bone that has been roughed up by arthritis. Me: two knee replacements, $40k/each. Smokey: last Friday, angiogram and two stents. Another stent coming up. Smokey: possible hip replacement. Did you know over half of all medical spending is incurred by senior citizens? We are costing you money, big time.

I think all this is to say that we should all take care of ourselves when we are young because we will pay for our wild ways later. Although, frankly, none of our ailments are the result our youthful shenanigans. It’s all just bad genes and bad luck.

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4 Responses to Sunday stuff.

  1. Kathleen Walsh says:

    I broke both my right ankle bones diagonally on April 5. I went by ambulance to our hospital and because it was a day before the Holy Week holidays, I only had surgery on April 14th, then that ended up finishing around 5 pm on a weekend, so now I am here until April 19th (so two weeks hospital stay) and I am now in my 5th location in the hospital. I stay in order to be assessed for my needs by Home Care Services, Occupational Therapists, to get physiotherapy rehabilitation services and training on how to rise from the floor safely on one leg, how to schootch up stairs on my bum, What specialized equipment I need at home also needs to be assessed such as standing grab poles, commodes, wheelchair types, walkers, etc. We get one free month of the use of the equipment, and then the rental fees begin. In the meantime, I have a fellow coming to the house today to give an estimate and then to dismantle a raised flower bed that is in the way of a possible temporary rental of a wheelchair ramp being installed. We will get an ambulance bill, and my transportation to medical appointments will cost $15 return trip. I already have 3 of those set up, one to complete a root canal. Our lives became extremely complicated from one misstep on some ice. But at east it will not break the bank thanks to our Canadian universal health care medical system which is funded by our taxes. I guess I can never again complain about paying those! The ankle received two permanent titanium plates, 7 screws and 13 stitches. No weight on my foot for 8 weeks and then I will need rehab to walk again.

  2. handeyecrafts8306 says:

    It’s always, always something, huh?

  3. k says:

    “Soylent Green is People.”

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