This and that.

None of these were enough for a full post, so I aggregated them here.


I almost (almost) miss the early days of the pandemic.

Remember how people teamed up across the country to serenade us? (Just the YouTube video; no need to read the rest of the post) Coronavirus rhapsody. Coronavirus humor. Italians sing from their balconies.

Thinking back, I much preferred Stephen Colbert’s shows from his basement. They were more informal: his wife might wander through, his son was the cameraman, the time he revealed he was wearing shorts and no shoes. The informality continued when he moved back to his *office*. (I think they made reference to the fact that this *office* was an unused broom closet.) Ditto Seth Meyer’s shows from his upstairs hallway/attic/in-laws’ attic (remember the sea captain?)


Latest, most pleasing earworm:

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1 Response to This and that.

  1. gayle says:

    I agree about that “live from the basement” type of broadcast – I miss them, too!
    (I’m not falling for your shady earworm trick, though. I’m prey to enough of those on my own…)

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