It‘s what has been happening.

Recovery continues well. I have put away the walker, to be used only when I have to traverse lumpy, uneven ice. I find myself walking with arms outstretched for balance. Maybe it helps; I haven‘t fallen yet. Residual pain is always there, but usually so minor I can ignore it. Except after doing PT or the prescribed exercises. Then pain is front and center and requires ice packs. Did you know ice packs are miraculous? I learned that after last year‘s knee replacement. Live and learn.

We missed my first two PT appointments. We were snowed in the first time and spaced out the second. Smokey‘s calendar is a little scary, he has so many doctor appointments — rheumatology, stress test, cardiology, nephrology, and probably others I don‘t remember. Add to that twice a week PT sessions, and there is almost never a weekday without at least one commitment. I think we finally have the PT thing in our brains — either Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday.

I recently gotten a new iPad using Frequent Flier miles after noticing that I had nearly 200,000 points. Not that I fly that much, but my Visa bill adds points every month, and I have a lot of things automatically charged to my Visa. Anyway, the old iPad still works about 90+% of the time, but I knew it was time for a replacement. Loving the new one! Plus, I got three months free of Apple TV. Thanks to y‘all‘s suggestions I am well into season two of Ted Lasso. What a fun show! White Lotus next.

Having the iPad gives this semi-invalid a wide variety of amusements — games, eBooks, Netflix, AppleTV, not to mention YouTube videos. I am still reading David Copperfield, interspersed with other library books and Kindle freebies. It must have been terrible to recover back in the day with few painkillers and no amusements beyond reading.

Sadly, I have done very little knitting during this time. I have never found it comfortable to knit in bed, and my time in the recliner has been limited. I may very well have an FO to display next Unraveled Wednesday, plus the yarn for a new project.

All is not sweetness and light here, though. On Tuesday we were hanging around the house when we heard a loud THUNK! “Something just slid off the roof,” we said. Sure enough, a huge ice dam slid off the roof, took off the railing on the small deck, and smashed it into my (two-month-old) car.

The dastardly railing.
My poor car.

It’s going to need a new windshield, hood, and fender, at least. Today we had it towed to a Hyundai dealer in St Paul for repairs. No idea how long that will take. Younger Son has had my Rogue since New Years, but he is bringing it back on Saturday so that I will have a car. I had already decided that next week I am going to resume my normal schedule — knitting group, poetry class, and book group — and drive myself. My most excellent chauffeur will be retired. Looking forward to it!

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7 Responses to It‘s what has been happening.

  1. Mary Jo says:

    We have 2 outside doors with a slanted roof that always has melted snow making ice piles on the sidewalk. My husband always laughs about the lighted deer that was cut in half one Christmas season. That is nothing compared to your car. OMG!

  2. Gayle says:

    Oh my! Your poor poor car!
    And I knew you’d love Ted Lasso! (Season 3 is just days away! Can hardly wait!)

  3. Ellen D. says:

    Glad your recovery is coming along. Sorry about your car!

  4. k says:

    Poor car! Spring will come, sooner than later, I think.

  5. Kym says:

    I’m so glad to hear you are progressing well with your recovery — and that you’re adequately entertained! (Season 3 of Ted Lasso “drops” on March 15; you’re right on time!) I am so sorry about your deck railing incident, though. That would make me so dang grumpy! (Also . . . White Lotus is like the polar opposite of Ted Lasso. It’s good to mix things up, though, non?) XO

  6. Kat says:

    I am so so happy you are progressing so well! And yay for small boons of miles bring a new iPad and some months of Apple TV to your home! But that ice dam issue… oy. I am with Kym… that would make me Maximum Grumpy!

  7. Oh goodness! Your poor car! I’m glad you were both inside and safe, though.

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