I‘m baaack.

Actually, I have been back in the land of the living and conscious for a couple days, but tonight it occurred to me that I could write a post. What a concept! Use language to communicate!

The knee replacement surgery was last Thursday morning, scheduled for 10:45, meaning we had to arrive at the hospital at 8:45. Whee! A normal time! I vaguely remember being wheeled into the OR – cold! Cold! — and the next thing I knew I was face to face, or as face to face as we could be with me lying on the gurney and her standing, FtF with a tall, stern blonde woman I would not want to meet in a dark alley. She didn‘t have a German accent or a swastika on her uniform, but somehow I felt that was merely an oversight. She was clearly In Charge And Would Accept No Excuses. This was The Recovery Room and I would be recovering ASAP, yes, ma‘m. Seriously, she was scary. The next few hours were a blur of ice packs on my knee and attempts to walk with a walker and blessed unconsciousness.

I came home the next day to my furry nursing staff — Percy, Lady, Misha, Jonesie, Spot, and Smokey. I spent three nights in Smokey‘s bed because it is a straight shot from there to the bathroom. This alternate venue confused Spot, who slept on my feet and insisted they were Smokey‘s feet. Jonesie, who normally sleeps on a pillow next to my head, could not figure out where she belonged. By Monday, however, the surgical leg was weight-bearing, and I returned to my normal sleeping location, and the animals were all much relieved.

Tonight I ventured to my recliner and knit whilst watching a couple episodes of Jeopardy! On YouTube. Three hours of that was thoroughly exhausting, and I am happily back in bed waiting for the OxyContin to kick in.

The weather here made the national news. Apparently we are due to get two feet of snow over the next two days. The weather hysteria is exceptionally entertaining. Stay home! You will die if you venture onto the roads! Weather hysteria is fun.

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12 Responses to I‘m baaack.

  1. Dee says:

    Glad you are on the road to recovery, but ………….stay off the roads.

  2. Tracey says:

    I’m so glad it all went well. Now follow instructions, do your PT, and keep moving. (But not outside….)

  3. Kat says:

    I am so glad you are home with your furry nursing staff! I am sorry that Nurse Ratchet and her staff were scary at the hospital. I think my mom (who was a nurse, sigh) was in that scary nursing camp. Not a good look for nurses!

  4. Kym says:

    So glad you’re on the road to recovery, Kathy. (While staying OFF the local roads. . . ) Be gentle with yourself while you mend. XO

  5. Ellen D. says:

    Glad you are feeling better and hope you rest, relax, and recover soon! Stay safe!

  6. gayle says:

    I’ll bet the furry support staff is happier having you where they can keep an eye on you, too! Knit on, heal fast, and keep that road to recovery an indoors-only one!
    (That doggy gif cracked me up!)

  7. I’m glad to hear you’re doing better!

  8. handeyecrafts8306 says:

    You’re quite something, you know? So very glad all is going well.

    My knees sometimes “act up” when the weather changes — does the same thing happen with replacements?

  9. highlyreasonable says:

    I’m glad to hear that you are back, recovering, and hopefully your every need is being catered to by the nursing staff. It’s 35 and sleeting here, but the poor weathermen haven’t had any opportunities for snowy hyperbole this winter, so they are using them now. But take care, stay off the roads, and no shoveling! 🙂

  10. Jane says:

    I’m glad to hear you are back among the land of the living. Hopefully you will recover well. My husband is a veteran of two knee replacements so I know it’s not a fun time. Take it easy. At least you have an excuse to stay home and let someone else do the shoveling.

  11. k says:

    Is snowshoeing a valid form of PT? I feel like a puny failure – we’re only supposed to get 9-13 inches. Armageddon! Take care.

  12. Rebecca says:

    I have concluded that there are no longer any Minnesotans living in our state. All this snow terrorism is just piffle. Enjoy your new knee!

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