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Time marches on, and so do I…

…with my walker. Yesterday I walked nearly the entire length of the house without my walker — I needed a hat to compare to the one OTN, clearly an urgent and critical need — but I don’t want to do … Continue reading

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I‘m baaack.

Actually, I have been back in the land of the living and conscious for a couple days, but tonight it occurred to me that I could write a post. What a concept! Use language to communicate! The knee replacement surgery … Continue reading

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Good news Tuesday, 2/21/23.

Collecting! Yeah, well, I know that neutrons are gray, right? What other color could they be? Sometimes karma gets it right.

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Furry Friday, 2/17/23.

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Time for a Thursday rant, 2/16/23.

Tribes often get the short end of the stick. The woman who birthed the theory of plate tectonics. The article is not a rant, but I would direct your attention to the maps showing the borders of the various plates. … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday, 2/8/23.

Joining Kat and her merry band of Unravelers. Go see what the others are up to. Knitting. Reading. as The Narrowboat Summer / Anne Youngson. I finished this one. It was a delightful book about something I knew little about. … Continue reading

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Flowers and candy and wine, oh my!

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Fiber Monday, 2/13/23.

Send warm New Zealand wool socks to Ukraine.

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Saturday stuff, 2/11/23.

And these last two simply because I am fascinated by tree shapes.

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Furry Friday, 2/10/23.

Remember, if you cannot read a caption, click on the photo to embiggen. How to attract Beluga whales: a primer.

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