Good news Tuesday, 1/31/23.

Family-friendly workplaces. There is a dearth of affordable housing and prospective employees in n.w. Wisconsin. I hope this helps attract people to our areaa.

(Not sure if this is good news or not.) Take this quiz to find out which Wisconsin cocktail is right for you. Warning: you will have to give your email to get your results. This will subscribe you to the UpNorthNews daily newsletter, but it is easy to unsubscribe if you wish.

MN team wins snow sculpting contest. Remember the blackboard sandwich boards with pithy knitting sayings that often feature on Fiber Mondays? The yarn shop that puts those out is only steps from the site of the snow sculptures. Just incase anyone plans a winter road trip to Stillwater, MN.

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1 Response to Good news Tuesday, 1/31/23.

  1. gayle says:

    Seems like Minnesota snow sculptors would have an edge, what with being able to practice 10 months out of the year… 🙂

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