Vell, yah, ve got some snow der.

That monster storm that has created (and is still creating) gave us some snow, too.

That is a one-foot ruler. We got about 10 inches.
Bobcat to the rescue! We contacted him on Wednesday, but he has been kinda busy.
The only reason we got him at all is that he is our hired man’s brother-in-law.

Before he could begin to plow out the cars, he had to remove a monster branch from the driveway. Sorry, no picture of that. I didn’t know how big it was until it had been relocated.

Last Monday we got a call that my new car was on a truck on its way to Eau Claire, where we could pick it up “in a day or two”. Presumably, said truck started its journey somewhere on the West Coast; do you think this storm may have something to do with the delay? As long as it gets here before we need to leave for our family Christmas at the Sherwood Point lighthouse, all will be well.

And that’s the news from Antler Lake, Wisconsin, where the snow is deep and the winters are long.

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5 Responses to Vell, yah, ve got some snow der.

  1. Kat says:

    Oy! Stay warm!

  2. My family lived near the Wisconsin border in Illinois. They had a house ‘in’ town (on the east edge and a couple of acres out west of town (they originally thought to build on but found the old farmhouse before that happened.) Every fall my dad would bring in the Allis from the 2 acres where he used it to plow a garden and keep the grass cut back to the house to clear the driveway for winter. More than once that trip around the northside of town didn’t happen until the first snow had fallen, lol. So, snow…ya, ya, hey.

  3. gayle says:

    Argh! Thatsa lotta snow!

  4. Dee says:

    That is a LOT of snow. Glad you could get Bob-cat to rescue you and good luck with your car. Sending good vibes for an on-time delivery.

  5. That’s a lot of snow! Stay warm.

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