A tale of too much yarn and other unfortunate events.

2008 -12-3127
I believe this qualifies — sadly — as S.A.B.L.E

In my defense, nearly 5,000 yards of that is in an afghan that is 90% done. And another 2,000+ yards is in two half-done sweaters. That’s almost 4 miles of yarn that could be gone from the stash… soonish.

Da Yeep has occupied one of the stalls in the attached garage for at least 5 years waiting for Smokey to replace the wiring harness. Back in the day he replaced the carburetor, and in the process caused a fire in the engine compartment. It was a small fire and did no major damage, but it did melt all the wiring under the hood. A couple weeks ago he made the mature decision to have someone else replace that wiring. (Yay!) Unfortunately, although the electrical system is now functional, they screwed up the old, old gas in the tank and now Da Yeep is 20 feet in front of the garage door and inoporable, our hired guy’s truck is stuck in the snow, and the Isuzu Trooper, which could pull everything out of their current locations is blocked in. And did I mention we got 6″ of snow last night with another 8″+ due on Thursday?

Luckily, I do not have to go anywhere until next Tuesday.
I gasped when I looked out the window this morning — it was sooo beautiful!

Smokey is figuring out how to get Da Yeep back into the garage so he can fix the fuel problem without being out in the elements. I always assume he will figure such things out — and he does!

We had to make a flying trip to our credit union in Minneapolis to get a cashier’s check to pay for my new car that I haven’t told you about. (It’s a 2023 Hyundai hybrid, thanks for asking, Sometime I will tell you the story about it.) While we were in the city we got together with Younger Son for dinner. I had been planning to make him a black Windschief hat for Christmas, but he is very particular about such things, so I gave up the idea of it being a surprise and talked to him about it. Turns out he already has two black hats and doesn’t need another one, but he promised to send up the knit signal if he lost one of them.

Whew! I was getting a little worried that I might not be able to get everything done in time. Now it should be no problem.

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7 Responses to A tale of too much yarn and other unfortunate events.

  1. gayle says:

    Oh! That’s a butt-ton of snow ya got there! (And I think your storm is headed our way when it gets bored with tormenting you…)

  2. Kym says:

    The puzzles of life . . . I hope Smokey is able to quickly (and easily) move all the pieces around. 🙂 Two years ago, Brian told me he needed no more hats. Today, he needed to borrow “a warm hat” from Tom when they went on a special fishing expedition. I think it’s time I make a new one for him (but not for Christmas). XO

  3. Dee says:

    Such a pretty snow picture.

    We have “something” falling from the sky right now and from the sounds of it, it is ICE. 😦 It kind of DOES look like snow laying on the bricks, but ice means a busy day for fire calls (wires/trees down, accidents, etc…) which means a busy cold day for Steve.

  4. highlyreasonable says:

    We have a 1968 Jeep occupying “my” garage for the foreseeable future. My husband bought it sight unseen as a project, and when he finally saw it and discovered the drive shaft was loose in the back, he realized just how much of a project this was going to be! He’s working on wiring, but just turn signals for now, and was pleased that he hadn’t dropped any of the six nuts he was fiddling with yesterday into the gas tank. Best of luck with your vehicle Tetris; I bet Smokey will figure it out!

  5. handeyecrafts8306 says:

    Just sit and look at that gorgeous snowfall.

  6. Kathleen Walsh says:

    Phil and I are LOVING the hats you made for us. Thank you again for them and I am pleased they helped to reduce your mileage of wool. YAY! We are in the midst of a solid one week snowstorm that started yesterday, so I can relate to your predicament. Phil is wearing his striped toque right now while shovelling the driveway. Our street is not plowed. I had an early appointment with my cataract surgeon and I just got it switched to 11:15 hoping I can get out by then. Congratulations on the 2023 vehicle! You sold a house, so rightly so should benefit from it with a new vehicle to aid you where you live now.

  7. The snow is beautiful! But stories like this one are why I am glad to live somewhere that doesn’t get snow except higher up in our hills where I can look at it and not have to shovel it. 😉

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