Saturday stuff, 10/15/22.

I made this earlier this week, but I skipped the chopped pistachios and golden raisins. After his first bite, Smokey, who is no fan of cauliflower, said.”This is good!” Next time I make it I will skip cutting the cauliflower head into wedges and instead just separate it into florets, all the better to get the tasty seasonings on Every.Single.Surface.

Super-reflective white paint reflects 98%+ of sunlight = reduced cooling expense.

Indonesia, one of the top contributors to trash in the oceans, will now pay fishermen to collect trash.

Renewable energy sources covered the increase in global demand for electricity.

Edible cities.

Wisconsin: home of the frozen pizza. That may partially why we are so fond of beer. It is the only drink allowed with pizza. I’m sure there is a law somewhere.

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1 Response to Saturday stuff, 10/15/22.

  1. gayle says:

    I’m sure you’re right about the pizza/beer law. Seems like I read that somewhere…

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