Unraveled Wednesday, 10/12/22.

Joining Kat and friends. Go see what the others are up to.


It no longer surprises me how long it takes to knit a Sockhead hat. This one may be done by next week and it may not. I am loving the yarn colorway, though. It is Hollypress Yarn in ‘Unicorn Sneeze’, which does not appear to be available any more. They have an Etsy shop, too.

If this looks familiar, it is because I have not knit upon the angora hat this week. Soon, though.



Fairy Tale / Stephen King. I have read pretty much everything King has ever published (except the Dark Tower series; couldn’t get into that). This one is classic later King — long on story, some supernatural, no horror. 4★






Finished this one this week. As I said in my initial/last review, I might have rated this higher if I had read it. As an audiobook, it was okay. 3★



I finished Suits this week as well. The final episode did everything but sing Kumbaya. Louis’s baby is born, he and Sheila get married, Donna and Harvey do, too, the evil Faye is vanquished, and all — except Faye — live happily ever after.

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4 Responses to Unraveled Wednesday, 10/12/22.

  1. Kym says:

    I love your hats! The colors in the “unicorn sneeze” are really lovely. Both hats will be fabulous. XO

  2. Kat says:

    Lovely hat knitting… and the sockhead hat is at the glorious mindless knitting stage! I love that!

    I have read several glowing reviews of Fairy Tale so I need to find that and read it soon! Thank you!

  3. Vera says:

    Lovely hats. Unicorn Sneeze cracks me up, but gorgeous colors in it. I may need to look into Fairy Tale – I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

  4. gayle says:

    A-choo! Love that hat!
    I’ve got Fairy Tale waiting patiently in my Kindle – will get to it soon. Meanwhile, I’m doing my one-chapter-a-day reading of A Night in the Lonesome October, which is now traditional since I did it last year. If you haven’t read it, grab it! You can even read the 1st 12 chapters all at once to catch up! (The chapters are very short, and the narrator is a Very Good Dog.)

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