Saturday stuff, 8/19/22.

Where the continents came from.

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3 Responses to Saturday stuff, 8/19/22.

  1. kayT says:

    Love that mushroom one. I often wonder about things like that. Like, who decided mixing an egg with some flour and baking it was going to be edible? Thanks for getting the day off to a good start, dreaming of being a matress-tester.

  2. gayle says:

    Wonderful stuff today!
    Especially loved the mushrooms one, and that book blurbs glossary is going to be extremely helpful!

  3. LOL @ the flat Earth one. And the mushrooms. 😀

    There is no way I would take a job where I had to fall asleep in public. I think I would get way too anxious about what people would do while I was sleeping, and no amount of money would be able to counteract that. (Oddly, this does not impact my ability to fall asleep on an airplane. Something about being “in bed” makes it feel more vulnerable.)

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