They’re here!

Elder Son and wife arrived here Wednesday night, almost a week earlier than expected. We are glad to have them for more days than originally planned, but not about why.

They left New Mexico on June 26 for their road trip — up the West Coast into British Columbia, across Canada, then south to Minneapolis and Antler Lake. But right around Winnipeg, ES tested positive for covid. They cut the road trip short and came directly here. Happily, the CDC rates the coronavirus risk here as low.

He is very mindful of the covid guidelines, more so than we are. We all eat dinner on the deck; he arranges everyone so that he is downwind from us. He set up the Kewl Kids Table for himself. (His sense of humor is still strong.) His is a mild case, almost exactly like I had last month — raspy voice and a cough.

Their original plan was for Amanda to drive him to the airport in Minneapolis one Wednesday so he could fly back in time to go to work on Friday. They stashed one of their cars in the long-term parking in Albuquerque so he could drive back to Zuni. Amanda would continue on to see her daughters in Sioux Falls.

Here is a terrible photo of them taken from my recliner, through the [dirty] windows, on the deck.

Andrew said that a friend asked him how he was feeling on Facebook. His reply:

“When I had the original coronavirus in December 2020,
I felt like I had been hit by this.”
“This time I feel like I was hit by one of these.”

He is planning his next steps, including changing his flight because he will not be able to fly home on Wednesday so he must reschedule his flight. Probably not gonna be able to visit with his college roommate in Minneapolis. Probably gonna be here with us for another week/10 days. That last thing is okay with us 🙂

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5 Responses to They’re here!

  1. Dee says:

    Hope your son is feeling 100% soon. Having them around longer is certainly the silver lining to the cloud.

  2. Kathleen Walsh says:

    Reality interferes against with our best laid plans. The mountains of BC will still be there, and you get precious time with your family, thought not under the circumstances you would have preferred. His appointments can be cancelled and he is in a good place to heal. Glad it was a wee smart car only that got him! Things like the reorganize our priorities to put our health first, and often remind us that we are not indispensable in our jobs, not in what we do but who we are. Home with momma and pop is a good place to be.

  3. gayle says:

    Well, at least he’s sick right here where you can see him, instead of off at a worry-filled distance. And I’m very glad he didn’t get slammed this time.
    (When your post showed up in feedly this morning, the photo of the little red car appeared along with the first line, and I jumped to the conclusion that they’d arrived in that cute little car. And now I want that cute little car…)

  4. Kym says:

    I hope he’s feeling completely better soon! I’m so happy you get extra time with him, though. . . I’ll just call that a covid dividend! XO

  5. I hope he recovers quickly! At least it’s a much milder case this time around.

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