Thursday rants, 7/21/22.

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4 Responses to Thursday rants, 7/21/22.

  1. gayle says:

    Well ranted! (And we should definitely hire that bell lady)

  2. Kathleen Walsh says:

    I love that last statement. Society has determined that 10 year olds do not yet have the capacity to be responsible for babysitting yet this law would require a 10 year old to become a mother. Phil wants me to post that when the Supreme Court announces that they are not responsible for the consequences of their rulings, they can said to be involved in reckless endangerment. I said, “Go figures, as it was Trump who appointed those who swung the vote on these horrendous rulings.”. And people are saying that he engaged in reckless endangerment on Jan, 6 by his rhetoric in fomenting the crowd, by allowing people with guns and weapons into his rally and telling them to go onto the Capitol, by his comments that maybe Pence deserved the chanting “Hang Pence” and by his refusal to go onto tv social media to tell the rioters to go home. Sad times for democracy.

  3. Good rants today. I think my favorite is the eggs explaining racism, though. It doesn’t need words to explain how dumb racism is. (Which is a good thing, if that many adults truly can’t read at a proficient level. So incredibly sad.)

  4. Kat says:

    That literacy data… oof. That is just painful (and I think why we have the dirge of stupid…)

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