Fiber Monday, 7/11/22.

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4 Responses to Fiber Monday, 7/11/22.

  1. Dee says:

    I will never look at my knitting the same way.

    (I’m a thrower ………..or stabber, strangler, scooper, and shover! LOVE IT!)

  2. gayle says:

    As a non-thrower, I can attest that we’re doing all that, too. We just combine the first two steps and combine the second two steps, so we’re just committing our mayhem in a much more efficient manner.

  3. Love the new way to look at how to knit! I might have to (attempt to) switch back to knitting English now… (I learned once for when I was trying different way of knitting colorwork, but never really stayed with it.)

  4. k says:

    No wonder that lawyer wouldn’t let knitters be on juries…

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