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Saturday stuff, 7/30/22.

Yesterday’s earworm: She’s a Beauty by The Tubes. A genuine tree house. The most feel-good story I have read in a long time.

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Furry Friday, 7/29/22.

Yesterday’s earworm: I’m Still Standing / Elton John, with Eric Clapton on guitar and (I think) Phil Collins on drums Some of the worst CPR I have ever seen, but it worked! (Never mind that that site title sounds like … Continue reading

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Ranting on a Thursday, 7/28/22.

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Unraveled Wednesday, 7/27/22.

Joining Kat and friends. Go see what the others are up to. Knitting.* sd I finally finished that disgusting gray hat. Knitting with cotton — except for dishcloths — is Not For Me. Maybe this would have been better if … Continue reading

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Ant-rant Tuesday, 7/26/22.

Today’s earworm: Greenback Boogie, theme from Suits. “…an opera singer and other musicians in training were able to live rent-free in a retirement community on the arrangement that they perform concerts for the residents every so often.”

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Fiber Monday.

The cowl the woman is wearing is the Autonomy Cowl by Romi Hill. If you buy the pattern, $5 of the $6.50 price will be split between Planned Parenthood and National Network of Abortion Funds.

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They’re here!

Elder Son and wife arrived here Wednesday night, almost a week earlier than expected. We are glad to have them for more days than originally planned, but not about why. They left New Mexico on June 26 for their road … Continue reading

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We all get them and often do not know where they come from. Sometimes it is because we heard a particular song on the radio or in one’s Spotify or iTunes, but sometimes they materialize in our mind with no … Continue reading

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Furry Friday, 7/22/22.

Duck soldiers in the vineyard. She’s a good dog. Snuggling pigeons. (Scroll down for more cuteness.) Welcome, Cash!

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Thursday rants, 7/21/22.

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