Saturday, 5/21/22; some amuse-bouche[s] for y’all.

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Great news for new and prospective parents.

I need to share this from UpNorthNews, 5/20/22 issue:

It feels weird to state the obvious, but we don’t think anyone should be above the law. And yet, we now live in a world where insurrectionists, fake presidential electors, and rogue election investigators can just—in the words of a judge yesterday—run amok.

Legislators can rig political maps, get paid a full-time salary, and go sit at home for 10 months ˆ[It’s happened in WI. Twice]. A former president can simply walk away with boxes of classified documents. Politicians in judges’ robes can remove rights on a whim after 50 years. Good ideas can’t advance in the US Senate, even with 59 votes, because an arcane rule says you need 60.

It’s enough to make some people want to turn away—not participate in civic activity, not vote anymore.

Don’t let that happen to you—or to our country.

We want to take a moment to thank all you who are standing up for rules, norms, institutions, the Constitution, and democracy itself—whether it’s bringing legal action against fake electors, seeking protection of public records, passing dozens of local referendum measures for fair maps, standing up for public health and science, or running long-shot election campaigns in gerrymandered districts. The odds are long, but you don’t give up.

You are the best of America. And after another week of grueling headlines, we offer our gratitude as you get set to do the next good thing for our country. 

Hang in there, guys — vote for people with integrity next November!

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  1. gayle says:

    It’s amazing how many Shakespeare-isms we use. I’m reminded of a (probably New Yorker) cartoon showing a couple exiting a theater and the guy is saying “I don’t see what’s so great about Shakespeare – he just took a bunch of cliches and strung them together.”

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