Furry Friday, 5/13/22.

How to end your cat’s habit of gravity testing.

Pest control.

Kittens and puppies meet for the first time.

I want to know what the cat did that required two — count ’em, TWO! — FBI agents to bring him to justice.
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5 Responses to Furry Friday, 5/13/22.

  1. Kym says:

    As always, I love your Friday posts. XO (I am particularly enamored with the “dog window” this week. Such a brilliant solution!)

  2. Kat says:

    Doggy Day Care with a bus! LOVE!! LOL

  3. gayle says:

    I too want to know what that cat did…

  4. THat photo of the dog in the lavender field is gorgeous!

  5. KSD says:

    Of course, the kittens went exploring first. And I know about the little paws, but kitten tails are unspeakably adorable.

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