Rants, various, 5-12-22.

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8 Responses to Rants, various, 5-12-22.

  1. Kym says:

    There is so friggin’ much to rant about . . .

  2. Kathleen Walsh says:

    Some Americans think that it is too costly to put the welfare of babies first, but Canada proves opinion to be incorrect. Our taxes fund health care. Health care expenses for our government are WAY lower than in the USA and we citizens do not pay out of pocket apart from our taxes. Prenatal care is at no cost as well as specialist appointments if needed, also the deliveries and post-natal care. Maternity leave is mandated by law and no one can be let go for taking it. Mothers’ jobs must be held for them. Parental leave can also be shared with the father. Pre-Kindergarten is also part of the educational system, so there is no charge. Schools in low income neighbourhoods have an integrated breakfast program for children. We still need to do better at universal daycare and after-school programs, free diapers and formula. Politicians run on those promises but so far have not yet followed through. it will happen. I am confident that this entire babies first mindset will lead us there eventually. Where there is a will, then one will find a way. That is where it must start.

  3. Ruth Flanders says:

    I agree so hard that it hurts my teeth. I may be beyond bearing children, but I’m not beyond fighting for what is right. Again.

  4. gayle says:

    That ‘Welcome to Texas’ sign is all too real…

  5. kayT says:

    I like most of these but have to confess I don’t get the “Welcome to Texas” sign and don’t know what the picture represents. Sorry to be stupid/out of the loop/un-hip.

  6. So much to rant about. I think for the moment I’ll have to focus on deciding between the haunted Japanese bathhouse or solving murders in the English countryside.

  7. Kathleen Walsh says:

    Oh, one new sign of children first as a priority in Canada is that a recent change in law gives free dental care to all pre-school and elementary aged children no matter the family income, and to seniors below a certain income for 2022. 2023 this will expand to all children under age 18! This is the right track!

  8. k says:

    There’s Canada, bragging again. sigh. – It’s obvious you have been studying this issue, K. I commend you. – And maybe we should make it a commune- the ‘Mean Old Women’s Haunted Japanese Bathhouse and Tea Room.” I’ll provide the mean.

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