Remember that awful story I told you on Saturday about how I fell for a scammer? It goes on…

My computer was acting funny after I hung up with Mr. Scammer, so I did the thing we have all learned to do to correct computer problems — I rebooted.

And my password to get into the computer had been changed.

After a few choice words flew around the house, I called Apple tech support. The person I talked to had me try a number of things that ended up not working. She made an appointment for me at the nearest Apple store (~70 miles away).

My appointment is at today (Monday) at 1pm*. Pretty sure they will need to keep the computer and wipe the hard drive, so I will not have my baby for a few day/weeks. And I was told to bring all my Apple devices with me — laptop, iPad, iPhone, iWatch. (Arrggghhhh! x 2).

I had to bring my computer to that Apple store right at the beginning of the pandemic. At least this time, the store will remain open. ::fingers crossed::

In the meantime, I am using an old Windows laptop**. I am afraid to use my old MacBook Air because it might become infected as well as soon as I log onto it. Probably an irrational fear, but there it is.


I just got a call from the scammer, wondering why I canceled the $180 charge! Sheesh, they get more aggressive with each passing day!

Anyway, don’t bother sending a search party if you don’t hear from me for a week (or two – arrggghhhh!)) I shall return eventually.

* I was busily typing this post when Smokey asked if I was leaving soon. “No, I have to leave by 11.” “But it’s 1:30.” “What!!??!!” I had been keeping an eye on the time in the systray, and it clearly told me it was 10:30. Looked at my watch — 12:30. Called the Apple store and rescheduled for 4:45 today. Whew!

* Boy howdy, is Windows different than OSX! And not in a good way. None of the keyboard shortcuts that I use are available. The screen scrolls the wrong way. My hands keep dragging on the touchpad and moving the cursor around.

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4 Responses to Arrggghhhh!

  1. Kathleen Walsh says:

    How frustrating! Our phone rings daily with scammers telling us in a pre-recorded message about us owing money on taxes, but they use US terminology, or that someone put charges on our visa (which we do not have), or that a place in India will come clean out our air ducts (and our bank accounts!) or that funds were taken from or charged to our bank account, (again we do not have one of those as we use a credit union). We have scammers coming to our door to “inspect” our hot water heater. Again we do not have one as we use on-demand gas water heater. I told the fellow, “Oh no you are not, because we do not have one.” He replied, “You have to have one.” The arrogance of these people and the one who asked you why you reversed the $180 charge is astounding. You could tell him that it is because he now owes you $180 to get the computer hard drive wiped so you can re-install your own private password to access your computer. We just hang up on them. They come with technology and it seems we cannot have one without people like them ripping off the innocent. Thank you for the update as I WILL miss your posts.

  2. gayle says:

    Argh indeed! And may the force be with you!

  3. k says:

    Jeebus! Thank you for sharing, at least. Is that the apple store in Duluth? Is there an Apple store in Duluth?)

  4. Best of luck! I understand the pain in switching from MacOS to Windows. I have Mac devices at home, but Windows at work.

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