COVID update.

Note: all the links below are to articles in the Washington Post. The second and third are in the coronavirus section of the paper, which I believe does not require a subscription to access. The first link may be behind a paywall.

Omicron’s mutations explained.

The one monoclonal antibody that still works against omicron.

Cold, flu, or covid? Assume the worst.

And that’s the update. We had planned to spend one day with Younger Son in Minneapolis sometime between Christmas and New Year’s. Now I am undecided.

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4 Responses to COVID update.

  1. Ruth Flanders says:

    If you’re vaccinated and boostered, go for it. Wear a mask and hug, hug, hug your son! Merry Christmas, Kathy! We’ll get together this summer.

  2. Kathleen Walsh says:

    AND ventilate well the room you are in. It is recommended to bring extra sweaters and scarves just to keep comfortable with winter ventilation. Enjoy your family!

  3. k says:

    “If not now, when?” You two are the vulnerable ones, not Younger Son. Can’t he come up? (I suppose he’s employed ~!!)
    I did not know that about Regeneron. I intend to be even more careful.
    And that illustration makes COVID look like telephone cords entangled in a tinsel Xmas tree. ???

  4. gayle says:

    I have no advice. I’m currently visiting my daughter and her family – I’ve been here since Thanksgiving. Now I’m worried about going home because there’s a major surge in my county. Even vaxxed and boostered…

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