Rants, etc. 12/2/21.

That map of Wisconsin? It shows that the entire state, with the exception of one county, is at highest risk for COVID. And that one county That’s Iron county, and it is at next highest risk.



And now, some anti-rants, aka, good news:

The Biden, Kamala, Fair Maps, and Bernie Brew? Those are from the Minoqua Brewing Company, owned by a progressive man. He even started a Super PAC to help progressives get elected in this state. One more progressive brew: AOC IPA.

* * *

Not a rant. Today is also Andrew’s 37th birthday. Here we are, February 1985.

Happy birthday, Andrew!

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2 Responses to Rants, etc. 12/2/21.

  1. gayle says:

    Well ranted!
    And a great big Happy Birthday to Andrew!
    (I love that kittycat shirt you’re wearing in the photo!)

  2. k says:

    Happy Birthday to Andrew!

    Iron County has like six people in it, and they’re still spreading covid like crazy. At one point, Iron county had the highest transmission rate in the country – country with an R – because all the city folk came up to escape. My personal rant.

    Thanks for the beer link. I need a present for craft beer lovers.

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