Stinky links.

Viral humor. Remember to hover over the image to get the full experience.

Want to learn some Navajo?

Why America’s supply chain crisis will not end.

It’s not burnout, but moral injury that is crippling health care workers during the pandemic.


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3 Responses to Stinky links.

  1. Gayle says:

    I’ve been eating pumpkin pie wrong my whole life…

  2. They left several steps off the Midwestern good bye.
    As a Midwesterner they have left two more (possibly 3) steps off this list. After the -placing hand on doorknob
    -walk to the car and wave back at the people on the porch
    -start the car and wave some more
    -honk horn as you leave the yard and wave some more as you drive away
    Meanwhile those on the porch are waving at you the entire time.
    I verify these are the true final steps to the Midwestern goodbye (Grew up in Northern Illinois with family also in Wisconsin. I rest my case.)

  3. That sounds like a great meal plan, honestly. And that method of eating pumpkin pie sure looks right to me.

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