Linky, blinky, stinky.

“Yes, alcohol was involved…”

Remember, ¢ invested into enforcement of our financial laws already on the books returns many $$$..

Sequencing Viking DNA.

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2 Responses to Linky, blinky, stinky.

  1. Kathleen Walsh says:

    My mother and two brothers had a characteristic in their hands where a ligament began to tighten in the hand pulling one finger down into the palm. All three were operated on for this condition. I also developed it, and I was told it was a characteristic of Viking heritage, A shot of cortisol 5 years ago into my palm at the site of the offending lumpy ligament early in the development seems to have stopped its progression and rectified the situation for me without any surgery necessitated. Whether or not this story is true about Viking heritage, I know not. Both my mother’s side and tather’s side both hail back to Ireland, on both sides for my father and on one side for my mother. So it is a possibility if this is indeed linked to a Viking characteristic. Interesting.

  2. Gayle says:

    I love seeing old history myths being swept aside by DNA evidence!

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