More of my life in bullet form.

  • My computer refused to boot up a few days ago.
  • I checked all the plugs — no joy.
  • I had to resort to my old MacBook Air; it is so slow that everything seems to take twice as long.
  • I mentioned my problem to Smokey.
  • He found that the power cord was not plugged in all the way.
  • I think I have mentioned before that sometimes all I need to do to solve a problem is to mention it so him.
  • He does exactly the same things as I did in my attempts to solve whatever, and PRESTO! The problem is solved.
  • ::argh::
  • I googled myself to gauge how much a spammer/hacker/BadGuy could learn about me. Protect my identity, doncha know?
  • Guess who has her own page on IBDb?
  • Gonna take a few days vacation soon.
  • Going here..
  • Why, yes, we have been there before.
  • When Smokey finds a place he likes, we go back many times.
  • It is nice to know what to expect.
  • Our county is #7 in the state for per capita cases of COVID.
  • Not a statistic that delights me.
  • Given the paucity of folks who wear masks ’round here, I am not surprised.
  • We are planning to sell the Minneapolis house.
  • To date, we have a realtor, a person lined up to stage the house when it is ready, the house has been painted inside and out, the brush has been cleared from the back yard, the hardwood floors have been refinished, there are new floors in the non-hardwood rooms, the electrical stuff has been brought up to code, and Younger Son has moved out.
  • Sheesh, that is a lot of work.
  • Smokey has been in charge of it all.
  • The job has been like herding cats.
  • I am so grateful to him.
  • I did a 3-hour shift phone banking yesterday to find volunteers to make phone calls next month.
  • The setup is computerized, so I did it from the comfort of my own chair.
  • Computerized is not perfect; one name I was supposed to call was GoToHell.
  • My team got a chuckle out of that.
  • Here’s a good TikTok.
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3 Responses to More of my life in bullet form.

  1. Gayle says:

    It tickles me that you have an IMDb page! Congrats!
    Have a happy vacation!
    (That TikTok is such a delight!)

  2. k says:

    Price County! 48% positivity rate! Your paltry 43% . . . still scares the bejeebers out of me. Ashland County 12 at 23%. Still staying home.

  3. Woot, the IMDb page is awesome! I had computer issues recently, too. Mine wasn’t something as easy to fix as the plug, though… my laptop battery had swollen up and needs to be replaced. I’m glad your computer was easily fixed, even though it must be extremely frustrating that you and Smoky do the same things to fix it, and it only works when he does it.

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