Post-nasal links.

As a former tax accountant, I applaud this news. (Back when I was an active tax accountant, I classified Seagate dividends as foreign income when I reviewed a particular individual’s return. My manager questioned that, so I took her to the Seagate website. Even though Seagate began its life as a U.S. company, its headquarters are now in Belfast, UK.)

It’s about damned time.

Add more dragons* is always the best course of action; scroll down and read the comments. HT to Chris for that link.

And this is why everyone should be a Packer fun.

Carl Sagan was prescient. HT to Chris, again.

The face in the mirror.

“I had forgotten the pub smells.”

The average time between billion-dollar disasters—time to help communities across the nation recover—has dropped from 82 days in the 1980s to just 18 days on average in the last five years (2016-2020).

Do you get Heather Cox Richardson‘s daily newsletter? You should if you follow the news.

If libraries were run like used car dealerships.

You don’t feel well. Is it COVID-19, the flu, a particularly nasty cold, or allergies? Which?


* Back in the day when I volunteered at the library, a devoutly religious (husband was a Baptist minister) patron declared to me that were dragons in the bible. I guess she was right…Psalms 148, 4-7.

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2 Responses to Post-nasal links.

  1. Gayle says:

    ‘Add more dragons’ is always a good answer!
    I’ve got Richardson’s ‘West from Appomattox’ waiting for me in my Kindle – I’ve just moved it closer to the top of the queue.

  2. Coffee shop smells, for me. And worse… the way my clothes smell after spending significant amounts of time at a coffee shop. (I still haven’t done that yet, but I know that the first time I do spend some quality writing / hang out time at a coffee shop, it’s going to hit me.)

    Add more dragons is the best answer. Always.

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