Sadly, the rants just keep on a’comin’.

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3 Responses to Sadly, the rants just keep on a’comin’.

  1. kathleen Walsh says:

    It really is a matter or which information people trust, which comes down to the source if that information. MANY mistrust the CDC, anyone who works for an organization that gets funding from the government, or anyone who takes their information.from those agencies. researchers are among them. Big pharma is scooping up billions of dollars from these vaccines, and will again for the new antiviral medication that has been developed. Into this gap of a lack of trust, walk the conspiracy theorists who are not making money off their stories (or so it seems to the individual person). Because the motivations of the main stream agencies and their spokespersons are suspect, people turn to these other testimonials and grant them better credulity than double-blind randomized studies with HUGE numbers in the trails from many races, countries and age groups. Look at hydroxychloraquine that even Trump himself said he was taking. I do not deem these people just as stupid, but rather as mistrustful and angry about past betrayals by big organizations, especially government, That is one reason why Trump was so popular. He wanted to do away with big oversight, and shrink government. He managed to decimate oversight of polluters, oversight of food safety, shrunk the foreign service so that many foreign countries had no US diplomats, etc.. He increased the military and their budget, however. How can this trust be regained? That seems to me to be the crux of the matter,

  2. Gayle says:

    I’m also planning to not die of stupid. Sadly, a lot of people already have…

  3. I’m not planning to die of my own stupid. If only I could control the stupid of the nation around me, so that I knew I wouldn’t die of their stupid, either…

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