Fiber Monday, 10/4/21.

A Lucy-Neatby-type sweater.

A dream craft room.

Let’s talk sock heels. My commentary: Personally, I always knit my socks toe up using a standard short-row heel. I tried using German short rows in my short-row heel once, but I got mega confused. I shall try the Yo-Yo, aka German short-row heel in my next pair of socks.

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3 Responses to Fiber Monday, 10/4/21.

  1. Gayle says:

    That rainbow sweater is gorgeous!
    I have a really (really) high instep so short-row heels have always been uncomfortable for me, so I’ve been envious of those who can use them. There were some very helpful-looking suggestions in that video that I’m going to play with!

  2. Oh wow, that craft room looks amazing. Neat look at all the socks heels, too!

  3. Jane says:

    The craft room looks like a dream. I think there are so many sock-heels because everyone’s feet are different shapes and sizes. Here’s to variety – it’s the spice of life.

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