Linking the links.



She helped her dad get a job at CostCo. And she did it via Twitter.

Wobble baby. Baby on a Roomba.

A tutorial on em and en dashes. (k sent me this in June. Kinda got behind in my email.)

From the NYT: Workers are gaining some advantages over employers. (My take on worker wages from last year: If a business cannot succeed without underpaying its workers, it needs a new business plan.)

This is the perfect pasta shape.

Anybody else here suffer from eczema? Hope may be on the horizon.

Drone photography award winners.

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4 Responses to Linking the links.

  1. Gayle says:

    I’m such a punctuation fan-girl – thanks for the dashy tutorial!

  2. Oh the excema breakthrough would be so great for sufferers!

  3. k says:

    “but each loaf that emerged from her oven tasted vaguely of tears.” I must say — I relate. ( I think I shared it as much for the story as the grammar!)
    In the drone photos, did anyone else notice the two bodies lying in the snowmobile track? Okay I assume they aren’t bodies, but bodies?
    I haven’t fully recovered from my two-month outbreak this spring. Bring on the eczema cure!

  4. I saw that Costco thing unfold in real time, on Twitter. It was so wholesome, I loved it.

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