Rantings on the Texas law, 9/9/21.

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5 Responses to Rantings on the Texas law, 9/9/21.

  1. notewords says:

    GREAT POST! Love the vasectomies one… 😀

  2. Kathleen Walsh says:

    Rachel Maddow had a section on a restaurant that in 1982 applied for a liquor license, but the government had given any church in close proximity the ability to have veto power. The church voted no. The restaurant which is now open for 50 years, took the case to court. It went to the Supreme Court that ruled a governmental body may not pass off its mandate to another agency or persons to decide or enforce regulations. Based on this ruling, I suspect that the Texas ruling will be overturned in the highest courts. After all, the way it is set now smacks of vigillantiism. I was struck by the parallels from the past when private white citizens were empowered to hunt down runaway slaves for bounties. Do Texans really want to wind the clock back that far into those practices and times of barbaric hunts? And that is what this has the potential to become.

  3. Gayle says:

    Starting to look like Texas is trying to be a state full of nothing but white guys with guns. Can’t see that turning out well…

  4. I don’t want to get myself (more) worked up right now by commenting on the TX thing (though I do greatly appreciate the rant posts) so I’ll just say that I love all the details of the “how to summon your period” comic! So many easter eggs. I love it. 🙂

  5. k says:

    Every. Damn. One.
    Especially! 12yo boys get hauled down to the doctor’s office. Mitzvah!

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