Triumphant Tuesday, 8/19/21.

Why is is triumphant? you may ask. What monumental event takes place today? Is it something I need to google?


I turned…

::counts on fingers::

72 today!

Now, I know that 72 has no song dedicated to it like 64 did. But I am still feeling a bit chuffed at being above ground. Any day above ground is a good day, Smokey and I remind each other periodically.

Here’s hoping for another year with no catastrophes!

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13 Responses to Triumphant Tuesday, 8/19/21.

  1. Ellen D. says:

    Do you mean today August 10th is your birthday? It is my birthday too! Although I am 71 today! Happy birthday to you! Have a great day and a terrific year! 🥳

  2. Kathleen Walsh says:

    You are in a wonderful cohort, Kathryn! I am 71 and a half. And in one week’s time, Phil and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. Like you and Smokey, we feel so fortunate to have found one another for this long companionship and for the long haul. As our age creeps up on us with sore muscles, aches in joints, slowing down of the metabolism, and fading eyesight, we feel so happy to be together. The depth of our love and appreciation of one another just keeps getting deeper and better, so that is one thing that improves. I am celebrating this for you and for Smokey, too. Happy birthday, sister-in-law!

  3. Deb says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m so glad you’re here and blogging.

  4. Shirley says:

    Happy Birthday, Kat! I hope your day is filled with yarn and books.

  5. =Tamar says:

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Sue says:

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Gayle says:

    It’s a well-known fact that Exceptionally Good People are born in early August! There’s so much evidence!
    Happy birthday, dear friend! And many more!

  8. kimsdee says:

    Happy, Happy Day! Be extra good to yourself, and make sure everyone else is, too.

  9. Chris says:

    Happy birthday!

  10. Mary Jo says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope you and Smokey have something fun planned.

  11. k says:

    Oh happy birthday! a day late

  12. Ann in NJ says:

    Happy Birthday, a little late! Hope it was a good one.

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