Linking to the world.

A sobering thought.

Another myth busted, and it is good news.

Mayonnaise and sprinkles – what could possibly go wrong.

How to choose a fabric store.

Cheddar Man.

Murder or suicide? If murder, by whom? Scroll down to see the text from the initial image that is too small to read.

I didn’t know about this – what good news!

An idea to end slash-and-burn farming in Central America.

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3 Responses to Linking to the world.

  1. Gayle says:

    or not…

  2. Oh Kat. Your information regarding Insurance authorizations etc is so great. We had an emergency a week ago and I was fretting and fretting about doing it in the correct way for the insurance co. I had enough on my mind and even as a retired Nurse, it was tough. I can’t wait for President Biden to enact this. You made my night

  3. The murder/suicide link was amusing! Also sad if it was indeed a true story, but the twists in the story were still quite something.

    The end to surprise medical billing is indeed good news, but I still don’t think it covers ambulances. Last Week Tonight did a segment on this a short while ago, and I think they said that “ground” ambulances were not covered by the ban on surprise billing—only “air ambulance services” were included in the change.

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