Fiber Monday, 8/2/21.

Um, nope.

I repeat, nope.

Anyone have a computer-controlled knitting machine? Look what you can do.

I thought the price was for a pair of socks, which was so outrageous I couldn’t believe it. Nope, it was for shoes. Still outrageous.

From WaPa Olympic update newsletter.

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5 Responses to Fiber Monday, 8/2/21.

  1. Gayle says:

    Right there with you on those ‘nopes’!

  2. kimsdee says:

    Outrageous AND unattractive.

  3. I was thinking that the first nope might be okay in the right colors, but that second one is a definite nope!

  4. Ann in NJ says:

    I kinda love Tom Daley now. There’s another picture of him knitting in the stands and its a big piece with a stranded British flag and Olympic rings. Which explains how he had the yarns for his medal cozy.

  5. I love the crochet kitty bride and groom! I do love TOm Daley!!! what is he knitting and we all need to know!

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