Furry, feathery, etc. Friday.

Flamingo learning to be a flamingo.

Cats watching Cats!.

A good Samaritan to our furry friends.

Smokey has been watching these videos lately.

Cats interrupt work.

Cat People.

I cannot stand it when dogs are smarter than their owners.

Beagles are not built for agility courses. And some others are not built for obstacle courses.

Hey, we haven’t had any falcons in our Furry Friday sessions. Let’s fix that right now.

A horse with suspenders.

Everything is garbage but the bear cam is good. Bear cam.

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3 Responses to Furry, feathery, etc. Friday.

  1. Gayle says:

    I never would have connected Bassets with agility courses – and now I am a fan! 8)
    Also – love the horse in the chaps!

  2. The piano p1aying hound was hysterica1 Thanks!

  3. I love the falcon pic! So pretty. And the kitty who collects rocks is adorable! But is it wrong that I now want to see about getting a job as a swan?

    Before I clicked on the link, I figured the horse in suspenders would be a costume of sorts. (My sister used to do horse shows, and they had costume contests a lot of times.) I think the reality was better, though!

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