It’s Thursday. Time to rant.

This is how democracy dies.

Editor’s (TheKat™) note: This may well be the dying moment of Thursday rants. As I said a few Thursdays ago, it is tough to find rants with a functioning adult in the White House. Fiber Mondays and Furry Fridays will continue; never any shortage of those.

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7 Responses to It’s Thursday. Time to rant.

  1. Gayle says:

    Well, there’s still some rant-worthy nitwits in Congress…

  2. Shirley says:

    Thanks for helping us stay sane during that long (orange) national nightmare.

  3. helenmatheyhornbooks says:

    You might branch out in the general society things like the “Long Yellow Things” lol

  4. helenmatheyhornbooks says:

    And I’ll add road repairs (or lack there off) and drivers. Our favorites.

  5. Julia in KW says:

    Well, I completely understand and am so happy for you with the change. I loved sharing your rants with my significant other…fortunately (sadly), there will be other things to rant about! Hopefully we can find the humour in those as well! Love your perspective!

  6. rubberband comment had me laughing out loud

  7. k says:

    A neighbor threw some short pieces of 1×4 in the garbage, and I wish to rant about how wasteful and is it legal to steal out of their trash but do I really need three more short pieces of 1×4? (I was doing a real good job of ranting an hour ago, but I decided to take a walk instead.)

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