Furry Friday.

Baby seal is introduced to water for the first time.

The internet’s exotic pets.

Do you know about PetTube?

Do snakes bother you? If so, do not click here. I don’t want to give anyone a heart attack; there is an iridescent python at that link.

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4 Responses to Furry Friday.

  1. kimsdee says:

    The “Forgot the catnip” almost produced a spit-take. And the Great Dane as guardian warmed my heart. Thanks for both of them.

  2. Gayle says:

    PetTube looks suspiciously like a rabbit hole to me…

  3. Great furry Friday, as always! But—that snake! Wow! I’ve never seen a snake that color before. So cool.

  4. Sparkle poop is very funny. I got myself a Gary Larson book to enjoy yesterday…just because. THe TV’s cat beds are genius. I ve seen them as aquariums as well. My friend in LA fell in love wiht the forecasters Cat

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