I’ve been storing up rants just for today.

Comment: Personally, I hate both of these adages. IMO, life is random; there is no overarching intelligence arranging things.

Comment: if your employees can make more money staying home and collecting unemployment than they can working for you, perhaps you should consider a new business plan.

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4 Responses to I’ve been storing up rants just for today.

  1. gayle says:

    That was some good storing! Real gems here today!
    (and where would one acquire one of those spiky suits?)

  2. Kathleen Walsh says:

    Texas and Florida are two states (snd there may be more) where minimum wages do not apply (at least to waiting staff in restaurants. i have travelled and eaten at airport restaurants, A waitress in a Texas restaurant showed me her actual pay check and pay stub where her cheque was zero dollars. All of her hours were listed, and she worked full time. However, her employer had calculated a minimum wage for his or her employees just high enough to pay the payroll tax and other mandatory government deductions so that her salary would come out to ZERO. She was totally at the mercy of kind customers being generous with their tips. This to me is akin to begging on the street. People WANT to work. It is part of their dignity and motivation to feel accomplishments and to have pride, People deserve living wages. In Ontario, Canada, where I live the minimum wage now is $15.70 for homeworkers and $14.25 for other general workers. Homeworkers are those who care for the elderly or ably challenged. This is a good start. People can then find a second job or work overtime hours if they wish or need to earn more.But they are not destitute. Health care is covered for the most part (except for dental or use of an ambulance or if one needs crutches, etc.) Our societies need to care for one another so as to lift up all of us. This creates conditions of less crime, less shootings, less depression, less desperation and more kindness overall. That is the end of this rant.

  3. Mike wouldn’t be coming to my bbq either!! So many of these made me laugh . I love these

  4. k says:

    I agree with you on the “shit doesn’t happen for a reason it’s just random” thing. Life is much easier to deal with if you don’t take it so personally.

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