Sunday, Sunday.

My routine is to go to bed sometime between 8:00 and 10:00, then read or peruse Instagram on my iPad until midnight or so. Since I have been reading the All Souls trilogy, very little of that time has been on Instagram. Hence, the Fiber Monday, Ranty Thursday, Furry Friday, and Saturday links posts have all been sadly shorter than usual. This coming week is no exception.

In other news, I e-filed our tax returns yesterday. No matter when the deadline is, I always procrastinate. Our returns used to take a fair amount of time, mainly because I was OCD about being sure to get all our itemized deductions. Thanks to The Former President’s “big, beautiful tax cut”* that doubled the standard deduction, I no longer have to sweat out all that work. Even better, I could download our stock sales directly from our brokerage to TurboTax. Even my paper file of tax stuff got smaller.

* This is absolutely the only good thing that Cheeto ever did right, amen.

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3 Responses to Sunday, Sunday.

  1. kathleen walsh says:

    Do you think “Cheeto’ (love the nickname) ever down loaded his own information directly from a brokerage or from any bank or investment place or real estate place? Not on your life1 He had to fiddle with the numbers, directing his lawyer to reduce the value of his properties by 10x, make up tax deductions (he counted Melania’s haircuts that she gave him at an outrageous amount per cut) etc. Good to know that one thing was to the benefit of the American people!

  2. gayle says:

    I’d wondered why the links had seemed to slip through your fingers!
    I’ve read the first book of the All Souls Trilogy but haven’t gotten to the others yet. The Guns of August has been taking up most of my reading energy.

  3. Hahahah. Okay One thing

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