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Memorial Day, remembering those who died.

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The past was not actually black and white.

Colorized photos:

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Short links.

She finished college thanks to her Uber passenger. And now, some old photos from my email:

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Furry feathery Friday.

Cashew, the dancing bird. Sheep recognition. Yoga…with cats. Checking temperatures at the library. (This assumes that the dragon is, in fact, eligible for a Furry Friday post.) Monkey pool party.

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A Thursday rant.

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Furry, scaly, feathered Friday.

Make friends with a fish.

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I’ve been storing up rants just for today.

Comment: Personally, I hate both of these adages. IMO, life is random; there is no overarching intelligence arranging things. Comment: if your employees can make more money staying home and collecting unemployment than they can working for you, perhaps you … Continue reading

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A-tisket, a-tasket, I’ve got yarn in my basket.

The most rare fabric the world has ever known: Dhaka muslin. Sheep FTW! (Back when I was on the county board, I tried to persuade the buildings person to employ sheep to mow the grounds. She wanted none of it.) … Continue reading

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Sunday, Sunday.

My routine is to go to bed sometime between 8:00 and 10:00, then read or peruse Instagram on my iPad until midnight or so. Since I have been reading the All Souls trilogy, very little of that time has been … Continue reading

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Ranty rants.

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