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Furry Friday.

Quarantine time. Cat butts: a science project. Best with sound on. Watch a falcon livecam. Cello concert… for the cows. More. This one. Cats don’t need anyone else to help.

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Time to rant. But my rants are becoming less ranty and more “Huh?”

The Speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly changed his Facebook profile picture to this: Yes, he is an a$$. The new profile pic started a kerfluffle on social media. Here is a very well-written comment:

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Unraveled Wednesday, 4/28/21.

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday. Knitting. I keep churning out the blue hats whilst my red Boxy sits forlornly on the dining room table. It is at the point where I need to study the pattern and think … Continue reading

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Being fully vaccinated = whee! A vacation!

Back on March 23 I got my second coronavirus shot. Smokey had gotten his second shot a week or two before. Once I was fully vaccinated — as in, the evening of March 23 — he hopped on his computer … Continue reading

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Shiny new links.

Florida woman… Brilliant casting in Shakespeare performance. Home inspector. Infodumping. How to build a medieval castle. (Link is to a 58-minute YouTube video that I found very interesting. Save some times and read about it here.)

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Furry (etc.) Friday.

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If it’s Thursday, I must have some rants to share.

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These socks are lonely.*

,la is a hooker! * Not my socks.

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Corona humor.

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Saturday. No links.

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